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Arizona Cardinals 2013 resolutions (we hope)

After a very disappointing 2012, we propose some goals for the organization for 2013


Well, we have rung in the New Year. 2013 is here and we can begin to rid ourselves of the bitter taste of 2012 as Arizona Cardinals fans. The team has already begun with changes. They have cleaned house, firing the general manager, head coach and almost all the offensive staff.

That's a good start. What should the team's resolutions be?

Keep Ray Horton if at all possible

Horton turned around the Arizona Cardinals defense, making it one of the best units in the league. The growth is not complete. They still need to get better. However, Horton is probably a head coach in 2013. Unless there is a truly better option to lead the team on offense and on defense, somehow the team needs to keep Horton. It will probably take making him the head coach, but if that isn't the case, Arizona needs to come up with some way to keep him on board.

Figure out the QB situation

Michael Bidwill has said he is "not ready to give up on Kevin Kolb yet." Whether it is sticking with Kolb and bringing other guys, drafting a quarterback to start Day 1 or something, the Cardinals need direction at quarterback. There has been far too much back and forth since 2009. Maybe they should have stuck with Matt Leinart, although his track record does not lead one to believe he would have fared any better than any of the other guys the Cards have tried, maybe they should have stayed with Skelton down the stretch, but one thing is certain -- you have to go in a direction, rather than taking several directions.

Shore up the offensive line

The unit improved down the stretch and it did suffer more than its share of injuries, but whether it is scheme, coaching or personnel, they have to do better. They started with the drafting of three linemen last year. More needs to happen.

Keep fannies in the seats

The team sold out all its games again, but if you attended the games, the stadium was not full. In fact, against the Bears, there was more blue and orange than red and white. It will take winning, but the team will need to make the team exciting again.

Figure out training camp

As of right now, the Cardinals do not have a training camp home. They want improvements made to Flagstaff, Prescott wants the team there and the team has asked Glendale to prepare something. I love Flagstaff, I would enjoy Prescott and part of me would not mind training camp here in the Phoenix area, provided it is not outside. But that is sort of a necessity...and the team must keep it open the the public.

Score points!

Having a bad defense is frustrating, especially when the team has a good offense. However, bad defense or not, a good offense is always fun to watch. Good defense means you are in every game, so that is great as a fan. But if you have a truly terrible offense like the Cardinals did for most of 2012, it is hopeless. There is nothing more hopeless than knowing your team has no chance of putting points on the board. In 2013, I want points! (at least the threat of them sometimes)


What are your thoughts? Is there anything missing? You tell us in the comments!

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