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Thanks For the Memories Whiz

With Whiz departure from Arizona he left us a lot to thank him for, and to always look back on.

Harry How

It was a bittersweet moment when I heard of Ken Whisenhunts departure. On one hand it meant we would be going in a new direction, and we wouldn't have to hear the same thing after every game. But on the other, you had to look back on what he accomplished during his tenure. A Superbowl, a 4-2 record in the Post Season, the most wins by a Cardinals coach, a revived Kurt Warner. He and Graves gave us what few Cardinal teams had ever tasted. Victory and a sense of pride. However his inability to find a QB with half the ability of the great Kurt Warner ultimately became his down fall.

While he ended his career on a bitter note we should look past that and remember him for the great he did for the players, the fans, and this franchise.

Alex M- My favorite memory of Whiz comes throughout his career. Cool and collected, never really showed emotion. You could tell when he was upset, or when he was glad (see Randy) but those came through facial expressions and running a lap. However, probably the thing that will stick out to me the most is his lap around the field when the Cardinals reached 10-5 in 2009. We could have gone 11-5 and secured a first round bye, but with the Giants demolished by the Vikings earlier in the day, the chance at the bye was gone, so we settled at 10-6.

Tyler Nickle- I still contend that this (video) was my favorite memory of the Ken Whisenhunt era. No, the defense was not good in this 2009-10 playoff game, but to see them come through in the end was extraordinary. Even a cold fish like Coach Whiz was excited at this entertaining outcome.

Randy- My favorite Whisenhunt moment was when he ran a lap around UofPhx stadium following the win in the 2009 home playoff game against the Green Bay Packers. He was excited and he knew that the Cardinals had a chance to make another deep run to the championship. That was a team that new it's strength for two years, incredible offense. The identity was, we'll score more than you, and it was thrilling to watch.

What are your favorite Cardinal Memories under Coach Whiz?