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Who is the NFL's most unstoppable player?

The latest debate is about the football field, both real and virtual


The latest version of our weekly debates, sponsored by Gillette, continues this week. The difference is that this week not only combined actual performance with virtual performance.

The question is: Who is the NFL's most unstoppable player both on the field and on EA Sports Madden NFL 13?

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What do I say?

On the field, there are a few players that we could put in that category. Adrian Peterson comes to mind, as do Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Calvin Johnson and J.J. Watt. Patrick Peterson is almost to that level, I think.

As for on Madden? I can't help you there. I haven't played this year's version. I'm stuck with '08 or '10.

So help me out. He is the most unstoppable player on the video game?

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