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Cardinals reportedly considering Juan Castillo for vacant offensive line coaching position

Former Eagles offensive line coach/defensive coordinator Juan Castillo is getting a look from the Cards.

Rich Schultz

While we wait for news regarding the vacant head coaching position, other news has come out regarding another coaching spot currently open on the Cardinals roster. Russ Grimm, the team's former offensive line coach and assistant head coach, was fired along with head coach Ken Whisenhunt. That leaves that spot, which many would have liked to see replaced a while ago, vacant as well.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting that the Cardinals have interviewed Juan Castillo, who was the former offensive line coach and defensive coordinator under Andy Reid for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Many here on Revenge of the Birds wanted Castillo last season, especially while the offensive line was struggling. La Canfora seems to think that Castillo is applying for the offensive line job, but he could fall into a variety of spots given his experience and versatility.

The odd thing about this whole thing is that the Cardinals do not have a head coach in place. Usually the person that is hired as head coach gets to choose their staff or at least have some input, such as with the offensive line coach. I almost get the sense that the team is planning on hiring Horton and wants to have a proven coach in place to help him on the sidelines. Obviously, that is pure speculation on my part.

Stay tuned to see if anything develops from this.

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