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Ray Horton eyeing Norv Turner as OC if he is hired as head coach of Cardinals

Recently fired Chargers head coach Norv Turner is apparently garnering interest from Ray Horton in becoming his offensive coordinator.

Stephen Dunn

The Cardinals continue to look for their next head coach after hiring/promoting Steve Keim to general manager earlier this week. Reports indicate that the team has interest in Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and they have already interviewed their own defensive coordinator, Ray Horton -- twice. They also met with Jay Gruden on Thursday, though not many expect that to go anywhere. As far as the Todd Haley front, no one truly seems to know where that is.

If the Cardinals grow tired of waiting on the Broncos to be eliminated from the playoffs, they could decide to just go with Horton as their fallback plan. The team likes him and so do the players, so I would say he is basically option 1B right now.

Horton told the media that if he is hired to be head coach of the Cardinals, he already has a staff ready to bring in. He would not go as far as to say who any of the people were, but one could guess that some of them would have ties with him back from his Steelers coaching days.

One name that is now popping up is Norv Turner. In fact, Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 is reporting that Horton has reached out to Turner about possibly taking the team's offensive coordinator job if he is hired.

Turner, by all accounts, would make an excellent offensive coordinator, even if he was not a great head coach. He could help fix this broken offense and would fulfill the requirement of being an "expert" that Horton would look for in a coordinator.

Whether or not Turner accepts Horton's invitation to come to Arizona is another story. He is talented and talented people usually get multiple offers. There are plenty of vacancies around the NFL and since he is one of the top names, Turner will have his pick of the litter. He may look to go somewhere with a more established quarterback instead of opting to try and work with Kevin Kolb and the rest of the mediocre quarterbacks on the Cardinals roster.

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