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Rob Chudzinski hired by Cleveland Browns, Norv turner to join

Looks like Ray Horton will be with the Cardinals no matter what in 2013 and that the Norv Turner connection with Ray Horton will no longer matter.

Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

The Cleveland Browns reportedly have made their decision to hire a head coach, hiring Rob Chudzinski. They called back former Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt for a second interview, but apparently decided to go with Chudzinski. Also reportedly joining Chud will be Norv Turner to be his offensive coordinator, who was let go by the San Diego Chargers as their head coach.

This does a number of things for the Cardinals.

Obviously the first would be that it seals the deal for Ray Horton's return. He was under consideration with the Bills and the Browns, and both now have made their hires. Horton could still be named Arizona's head coach, but if he is not, he will return to coach the defense again.

Secondly, not hiring Whisenhunt also affects the Cardinals. Had he been hired, the the amount of the salary he would have been paid to coach would be that much less that the Bidwills would have to pay him for what is remaining on his contract. A fired coach who is being paid still does not get to double dip. The Cardinals would only have to pay the difference between his new salary with another team and the amount due in his contract with Arizona.

The hiring of Chudzinski in Cleveland also has another ripple effect. If the Cards were to hire Ray Horton to be head coach, Norv Turner was a name that had come up to be his offensive coordinator. If the report is true, Norv joins Chud in Cleveland, which means Arizona loses out on him.

In short, Cards have to pay Whisenhunt all his money, they won't have Norv turner to coach the offense, but the good thing is that Ray Horton will be coaching in Arizona in 2013 it looks like.

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