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NFL picks against the spread, Saturday playoff games: Broncos heavily favored, but are they worth the pick?

Vegas has the lines set for the Saturday NFL playoff games and one of them happens to lean heavily towards an AFC team.

Chris Graythen

Last week was a bit of a disappointment for bettors if they decided to take my advice. I went for it all, picking the underdogs in each and every game in the hopes that they would cover the spread. Unfortunately, that was not the case in any of the four games.

So, if you are still absolutely desperate for advice and willing to take some from me, I have made my picks once again. For now, I am going to do the Saturday games featuring the Broncos vs. Ravens and the Packers vs. 49ers. All the lines are courtesy of Bovada.

Baltimore Ravens +10 vs. Denver Broncos

Heading into the playoffs, I thought of the Broncos as the team to beat. They were running high on all cylinders with Peyton Manning leading the offense and Von Miller on defense. Their pass rush and coverage secondary are second to none and I am not sure a banged up Ravens team will be able to stave them off. A ten point spread may be quite a bit, but I don't see Joe Flacco being able to do anything to overcome it.

Pick: Broncos

Green Bay Packers +3 vs. San Francisco

Here is where I go back to my underdog supporting ways. Aaron Rodgers is statistically one of the best road game, playoff quarterbacks ever. His receivers are all back and healthy and the defense is starting to heat up. On the other side, I don't know if Colin Kaepernick is ready for this big moment. The defense has been good, but do they have the personnel in the secondary to stop the deadly passing attack of the Pack? I don't think so.

Pick: Packers

Enjoy the games!

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