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Tim Tebow seen in Arizona

And the rumors begin.

Matthew Stockman

Apparently, infamous QB Tim Tebow was spotted at Paradise Valley Community College here in Arizona by TMZ, working out for about two and a half hours. He also reportedly did not act secretive at all, smiling and signing autographs for whoever approached him.

Well, "Tebow in Arizona" is already trending as the #1 searched term on Yahoo!. The media is going to love this one. Since most people figure we have "no viable QB", then wouldn't it make sense if Tebow appeared out of the horizon to save the day? And with the new Jaguars GM, David Caldwell, turning down the idea that Jacksonville will bring in Tebow as their starter for next season, it all seems perfect.

The advantages to Tebow coming to Arizona would be the potential coverage he would bring the team. For example, I'm sure shows like HBO's Hard Knocks would love to cover Tebow and his new team in the offseason, and the media in general would go crazy about the story. However, don't put too much faith in him playing in Cardinals' red next season. DC Ray Horton has already stated that he believes in Kolb leading the team, and I doubt any other potential coaching candidate, like Mike McCoy, would bring in Tebow as their debut QB. I'm guessing this will just be another rumor.

There's also the fact that the workout means nothing at all, and it could just be that Tebow came to enjoy the nice weather.

However, we can all enjoy the fact that the Cardinals might actually receive some coverage from the media for once.