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Mike McCoy interviewing with Cardinals for 2nd time, decision coming soon?

This second talk might seal the deal one way or the other for the Cardinals.


After a lot of waiting and talk that the Arizona Cardinals wanted to talk to Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy a second time, it is confirmed that he is going to have that second interview with the team for the vacant head coaching position.

Adam Schefter tweeted it after Chris Mortensen reported it earlier.

While the details of the location were not given, one would have to suppose that he would be flown in to Phoenix. The first interview that took place was in Denver, so it would make sense that the team would want him to see the facilities.

The team's interest in McCoy is noticeable. Only he and Ray Horton have gotten a second look. The team already spoke with Jay Gruden and, while the details are a bit clouded, Todd Haley.

With this new interviewing happening, it looks like in the next day or two we probably will know the new direction of the team with its head coach. It will probably be McCoy or Horton.

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