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2013 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals looking at tough QB

The latest projections for the Cardinals with the seventh pick in the NFL Draft in April.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals don't have a head coach, but apparently we can look at who the newest draft pick will be. However, it seems that everyone in the world and probably some not in this world know that the Cardinals need help at quarterback and on the offensive line. As such, the latest mock draft projections have the team going with one or the other.

According to SB Nation's Dan Kadar, it will be the quarterback, going with Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson, who would be the second QB taken in the draft.

In mock drafts, particularly those in January, plenty of hypothetical situations have to be considered. The one here is that Wilson stars at the Senior Bowl and the Cardinals fall in love. Wilson is the draft's toughest quarterback, which he'll need to be behind Arizona's shoddy offensive line. Arizona has weapons at receiver but not a reliable player to get them the ball. This could also be a spot where Alabama guard Chance Warmack gets a long look.

Quarterback makes sense, as a new head coach will want to have a guy he has picked and he can develop. Is Wilson the right guy? That's tough to say right now. Things I am reading about him have some great things (toughness, intangibles, ability to read defenses) and bad things (accuracy and footwork).

What does everyone else think of Wilson? Or would you rather see a lineman like Warmack get the pick?

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