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Todd Haley reportedly asking for a lot in a head coaching position

The Pittsburgh Steelers OC apparently will need a lot of incentive to leave where he is now.


The Arizona Cardinals had a reported interview with Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley last week, although the details about such a meeting are a bit fuzzy. However, according to a recent report from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Haley may be a hard get should the Cards decide that he is the guy they want.

According to the post by Gerry Dulac, "Haley told Cardinals owner Mike Bidwill what he wanted and what he needed to become their head coach. And he set the asking price high."

There have been reports about how happy he is where he is and how much he loves working for the Steelers.

While there are few head coaching jobs, Haley has strong Steelers roots. He grew up in the area. The organization is considered top-notch. His father worked for the team.

Of course, there is always the leverage side of things. It may simply be a way to get a better deal, especially if he thinks that the team really wants him, which very well may be the case.

Is this completely believable? Sure. At this point with the coaching search, does anything surprise you?

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