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ROTB Roundtable: Head Coach, Tim Tebow, and NFC/AFC Championships

Just a few weeks out of the regular season, and the Cardinals are swimming in questions

Christian Petersen

Luckily, they have the ROTB Writing Staff to answer three of them.

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1) It seems like the coaching job will be decided upon soon. With Mike McCoy and Ray Horton looking like the finalists, who do you think should, and will, get the job?

Tyler Nickel: Well, McCoy is gone, so I'll go with Horton. Bevell is in the picture now too and since it seems that Arizona is now intent on keeping Horton as just their DC, so Bevell could be the pick.

Jess Root: With Bruce Arians on the list, I would like him or Horton. while Horton has not proven to have the offensive chops, I don't doubt that he can handle it and that the offensive coordinator he brings in would improve things here. However, Arians is a proven commodity. He would improve the offense, and then with Horton sticking around at least one more year, the defense would be in great shape.

Skii: I'm a Ray Horton supporter. As long as he finds himself a good Offensive Coordinator, he'll be able to focus on the defense as much as he wants. He's also committed to coming here.

2) Tim Tebow was seen here in Arizona on Monday, starting a frenzy of rumors. Can you see the New York Jet playing for the Cardinals next season, and would you support a move like that?

Tyler Nickel: No and no. He is awful. I don't support that idea at all.

Jess Root: Tebow as a Cardinal? No...well not as QB. With that being said, he would have been an improvement at QB this past season. Make you sick, right? Now, I would totally be cool with Tebow converting to tight end. Housler has been injured each of his two years in the league. King has only one year left on his deal. Tebow could viably be a very good TE. And for this site? Holy cow! It would be at least one Tebow post everyday. Could you imagine? Haha.

Skii: I'm not going to look much into him practicing at Paradise Valley Community College. I doubt the team wants him. However, he would bring a LOT of press coverage to the team; something that we've always missed out on. But, ultimately, I don't think he's the answer at QB. Now, Tebow the full-back is an interesting prospect.

3) What is your prediction for the NFC And AFC Championships this weekend?

Tyler Nickel: I'm taking the 49ers and the Patriots to be in the Super Bowl.

Jess Root: I have the Falcons squeaking out a win at home and the Pats breaking the Ravens hearts again.

Skii: As much as I don't want the 49ers to win, I just can't see the Falcons toppling them. I'd also like to see the Ravens in the Superbowl, just for the sake of how interesting it'd be, but I don't see that happening either. So, 49ers vs. Patriots is my guess.