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Manti Te'o hoax: What about the NFL draft? [open thread]

This situation has to affect his draft stock. Would you draft him after this mess? How will that affect the Cardinals?

Jonathan Daniel

What else about could possibly come up in this Manti Te'o story? I have written it before. I have no idea what to think. How does this even happen? A stud college football player forms an online relationship with a girl and falls for her, but allegedly never meets her. "She" dies of leukemia and is an inspiration to an entire team that makes it to the National Championship Game.

Then she never really existed. But wait! She does exist, so says a former Arizona Cardinals player and then she starts tweeting saying she will come forward.

So a fake dead girl is now a real girl. But Te'o is the victim.

Anyway -- this is a thread to discuss it. What do you think?

More importantly, how is this going to affect the Cardinals?

Knowing what we know (and we really sort of know nothing, really), would you draft him if he fell to your team?

Would you like to see the Cardinals draft him? And what if he does fall in stock? That means anotehr team ahead of the Cardinals is taking someone else. If Te'o is a guy they don't really need or want, someone else the team could want could be unavailable. This whole thing affects or could affect the Arizona Cardinals.

What do I think?

Aside from the absolute absurdity the whole story is, since it didn't affect football on the field and it didn't involve drugs (at least yet) or cheating in school, it is the most meaningless scandal in some time.

Would I draft him at number seven? Probably. I don't see how this would has affected his play or how it would, other than having to answer questions about it.

Your turn!

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