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Bruce Arians To Cardinals All But a Done Deal

It's been announced that Arians is the Cardinals HC. If so welcome!

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

There has been no official team announcement, but Twitter is abuzz with the news that Bruce Arians is the Arizona Cardinals head coach. Personally I like this choice. However this now puts Ray Hortons future in doubt. Reports are that Arians will want to bring in his own DC. I don't think this will happen unless the Front Office thinks that Horton's potential replacement is better.

Arians Agent told sources that Keim went all out in the last 24 hours to ensure Arians would be out HC moving forward. Thus far the hiring has had more negative feelings than I thought. Many are upset that Ray Horton was not given the job, and as I am upset at this as well, but lets not forget... His Defense played phenomenal but the Offense was atrocious. There's no sugar coating it (Unless we're Seattle and a pick means a TD).

Arians contract (per Adam Schefter) is a four year deal, with a team option for the fifth. The future is bright, but the next few weeks are all but cloudy.