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Cardinals to have multiple offensive line coaches in 2013

Given the struggles the Cardinals have had at the position, new head coach Bruce Arians may try to implement a different system to help the offensive line.


Make no doubt about it, Bruce Arians will utilize some unorthodox methods as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. For instance, he is not the type of guy that wants to be called "coach". Instead, he goes by "BA" (his initials) and even if he likes to treat the players like men, he is not afraid to get in their faces.

Another odd thing that it looks like he will be trying to implement with his new team is how he works with his coaching staff. According to Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910, BA plans on hiring more than one offensive line coach.

Under Ken Whisenhunt, Russ Grimm was the one and only offensive line coach for the team. And under Russ Grimm, whether you believe it was his fault or not, the offensive line struggled. Arians will take a different approach to the matter by hiring multiple people to work with that group.

To me, this is a great idea and one that I had not even considered myself. The industry standard is to hire one guy to work with each position group. Sometimes you see other methods (and you guys can chime in with where you have seen them), but to say this is the norm would be factually incorrect. Giving the offensive linemen more one on one work with their positional coaches while getting different feedback from those coaches is going to help that unit.

I am beginning to think that this team may see a drastic turnaround in terms of offensive line play in 2013.

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