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Are the Arizona Cardinals a bad team to work for?

I talked with a former employee of the Arizona Cardinals and he doesn't seem to think Arizona is a good working environment.


We've all heard about the team being cheap but very few times, if any, have we heard that the Cardinals are a rough organization to work for. One individual I spoke two described it as "walking on egg shells all day". He claims that Bidwill allows no freedom to any employees, that all decisions are made by him. To an extent this makes sense, but since we're 18 days removed from Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves, I asked him why they were so powerful.

His answer was that the trip to the SB handed them a hall pass giving them free reign. Again this makes sense. Now this individual is no longer with the Cardinals organization, so I dug deeper with a few people that are linked to the Cardinals, to see if he is sincere in his opinion, or if he is coming at this from a biased angle.

One source agrees with said individual. He has no problem working in Arizona, it's a paycheck and he gets to work with tremendous athletes all day, but "Some of the guys don't incorporate your opinion into anything" He says they will ask for it but that doesn't mean they listen.

I requested another interview but that has since been declined but with this statement: "I enjoy working with the team and I do not wish to share any of the happenings that may or may not occur within the front office"

I don't know what occurs in the organization, I don't know the men who run the Cardinals personally, but when someone speaks out about their boss, and their dissatisfaction at a job it speaks volumes.