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How much Calais Campbell's absence affect the pass rushing?

After looking at the edge rush, we take a look at how that was affected the three games that Calais Campbell was out with injury.


After determining that last season Quentin Groves was the most effective at generating pressure on the pass rush, I was asked about how the rush was affected by Calais Campbell's absence for three games with a calf injury.

Overall on the season, Acho produced pressure 8.8 percent of the time he rushed the passer. Schofield did on 9.1 percent of his rushes and Groves was the best at 11.1 percent.

Campbell missed Weeks 11, 12 and 13. The Cardinals' opponents those weeks were the Falcons, Rams and Jets.

Sam Acho logged a hit , a sack and a hurry in those three games on 49 rushes, good for 6.1 percent pressure rate. His production went down when Campbell was out.

Schofield did not play those games as he was already out for the season at that point.

Quentin Groves? He had a hit, a sack and two hurries in 42 rushes. That is a pressure rate of 9.5 percent.

Both players saw a dropoff those weeks, but you notice Acho's a little more. Acho plays on Campbell's side of the field.

Basic conclusion? The pass rush dropped off a little, even off the edge, when Campbell was out.

Did you expect this?

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