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1/24 Arizona Cardinals news: Arians to help Fitzgerald, Dockett excited, Tom Moore a steal

Your links to start your day knowing about what is going on with the Cardinals.

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Things are slowing a bit in the Cardinals news front. However, people are still talking about them, which is nice. Bruce Arians is causing a buzz. In fact, he has Darnell Dockett excited. Not only that, but we can look at Reggie Wayne and optimistically see Fitz-like number for Fitz next year. That is, of course, if there is a decent quarterback.

Here are you morning links:


Jim Harbaugh's San Francisco 49ers, John Harbaugh's Baltimore Ravens to meet in Super Bowl XLVII after compelling weekend - NFL - Peter King -
Peter King writes about Bruce Arians.

Word From the Birds Blog | Whither Fitz? Look to Wayne
Wayne, the Colts’ veteran, had statistics (75-960-4) in 2011 that mirrored what Fitz dealt with in 2012 (71-798-4). But when Bruce Arians came in to Indianapolis as offensive coordinator before the 2012 season, one of his goals was to make Wayne the impact player he had always been.

Word From the Birds Blog | Dockett expects to be dominant after Arians talk
His first conversation with new head coach Bruce Arians sparked hope with defensive lineman Darnell Dockett that he will be used more in positions that will allow him to be more effective and make more plays, Dockett said Wednesday, making him sound a lot more optimistic about his future with the team than he did as the season was wrapping up.

In Search Of A Quarterback
Arians' long history of working with QBs will help Cardinals

Boldin, Cardinals salvaged a bad situation - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Looking back at the Anquan Boldin trade.

NFL analyst: Cardinals 'ought to be put in jail' for hire of Tom Moore
"Well they ought to be put in jail for stealing, to get Tom Moore," Brandt told Arizona Sports 620's Doug and Wolf Tuesday. "Tom Moore is one of the all-time great people and one of the really all-time great coaches, as far as I'm concerned."

NFL analyst: Bruce Arians, Tom Moore good hires for Arizona Cardinals
"I think it's good. I really do," Daryl Johnston told Arizona Sports 620's Doug & Wolf Monday. "You're talking about a guy who had a big impact on what Indianapolis did in his time there. I know that Peyton Manning has the utmost respect for him. I think it's a good move."

Coaching the offensive line | Insiders
The Cardinals offensive line was inconsistent during most of Ken Whisenhunt’s six seasons as head coach.


The Seismograph: Did we see the Harbowl coming? -
In this edition of The Seismograph, we look back at what SB Nation commenters have said about the "Harbowl" over the last year, and how quickly we've grown absolutely sick of it.

Darrelle Revis rumors: Jets owner to explore trade of star cornerback, per report -
The New York Jets are going to explore their options around a potential trade of cornerback Darrelle Revis, according to reports.

Tom Brady fined $10,000 for unneccessary roughness in AFC Championship Game -
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was fined for unnecessary roughness after a rather physical slide in the AFC Championship game.

The List: Acts who will play at VH1's Super Bowl concert if Train cannot appear -
Train, the Beatles of our generation, is slated to perform in "VH1's Best Super Bowl Concert Ever" on Super Bowl Sunday. We must always prepare for contingencies. Here is the order of succession for fill-in artists in case Train can't make it.

Pro Bowl 2013: Peyton Manning wants everyone to play hard -
Many have questioned the effort of players in the Pro Bowl recently, but Peyton Manning is trying to convince the players to play at full-speed.

Senior Bowl 2013: Margus Hunt making a name for himself -
From Estonia to SMU, is NFL stardom next for Margus Hunt?

Junior Seau's family sues NFL for brain injuries -
The family of Junior Seau is suing the NFL after Seau died from a self-inflicted gun shot which the family says was a result of the chronic tramatic encephalopathy he developed from playing in NFL.

Sean Payton never considered leaving Saints -
Saints head coach Sean Payton had an opportunity to find a new job, but he was always loyal to the Saints.

TAKEAWAYS: The Pro Bowl Does Not Exist -
Wake up, sheeple. Robert Wheel exposes the truth about the Pro Bowl in this exclusive bombshell.

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