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Patrick Peterson helping prepare Tyrann Mathieu; 'would love playing with' former LSU star

The Cardinals cornerback is helping the troubled former LSU Tiger get ready for the NFL Combine and Draft.

How would you like to see Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu locking down receivers on both sides of the field? Peterson would like that. He said as much on the Yahoo! Sports feature you can see in the video above.

Mathieu was a dominant player in college football, but then ended up squandering his college shot when he was arrested with other former LSU players for marijuana use and possession. It got him kicked off the team at LSU.

Mathieu (the Honey Badger), in his defense, has been doing all the right things. He moved in with Peterson's parents in Florida. He is in Phoenix now working with Peterson to get ready for all the draft workouts.

Peterson wants his friend to be successful in the NFL. In fact, he would love to play with him.

Should the Arizona Cardinals look into drafting Mathieu? If so, where in the draft would be best? What do you think of what Peterson is doing and what Mathieu is doing to try and win over NFL franchises?

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