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Darnell Dockett ready to get back to dominating on the football field under Arians, Bowles [audio]

Dockett was a guest on XTRA 910's Bickley and MJ and talked about the new defense, Katherine Webb and more.

At the end of last season, it looked like Darnell Dockett was ready to punch his ticket out of town, but after new head coach Bruce Arians reached out to him (it took two attempts because his text to Dockett got ignored the first time when DD didn't recognize "BA"), Dockett is fired up and motivated to become a dominant, disruptive force on defense.

In his interview with Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki, they discussed his reaction to the new coach, the coming change in the defense and also his fun on Twitter.

The one thing you can tell is that he is motivated. While he did not like playing the position he did for the Cards' 3-4 scheme, he did it because he put the team first and it was successful. "I never wanted to be like Albert Haynesworth," he said, commenting how he didn't want to be that guy that got paid a lot of money and then complained about his position.

However, he is very excited to play more inside and disrupt. What he cited was how playing his more natural position, it won't matter what direction he goes in -- left, right, over -- he will get the job done. And you have to agree with the radio hosts, who said that no matter who you are, your football team is better with a motivated Dockett.

He wants to be recognized in the media again. He wants Pro Bowl trips.

He is going to start his offseason workouts in about two weeks down in Florida.

Take a listen to what he said about his fun on Twitter with model Katherine Webb after she was "discovered" during the National Championship game. He said she really isn't his type and that if he really wanted to get her, he would have. That is probably true.

Listen to what he has to say. What are you most impressed with? Are you anticipating a more statistically productive Dockett? Or is he just happy it isn't Ken Whisenhunt?

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