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ROTB Roundtable: New Coach, Staff Changes, and QB's

It's been an eventful last few weeks for the Arizona Cardinals.


With change, comes questions. The ROTB Writing Staff takes a swing at three of these very questions in this week's Roundtable edition.

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1) Are you happy with the hiring of Bruce Arians as Head Coach?

Tyler nickel: Happy? I am ecstatic. He is the kind of no nonsense coach that the Cardinals are in dire need of. If anyone has the capability to fix this offense, it's Arians. His past success with quarterbacks gives me high hopes for the future of his team.

Randy Fields: I'm very happy with the move to Bruce Arians. I like that he's making changes and I think he's shown how he would act as the HC in his interim spot with the Colts. He showed what he could do with talent and he showed he knows how to lead a team, prepare week to week, answer the questions on the hot seat, and most importantly how to win.

Alex Mann:
He had me thinking pessimistically at first with his firing of Horton and the whole Defensive staff, but the guys he's brought in as positional coaches have me excited. Goodwin... It's "his" scheme but Arians will be calling plays meaning Goodwin will get to coach the players into it. Moore is just an exciting hire.

Jess Root:
I love the hire. I wanted Ray Horton, but I get why the team went in another direction. After Andy Reid, Arians really was the most qualified guy.

2) With the arrival of Bruce Arians, comes a new staff. Who are you most and least excited about joining the Cardinals?

Tyler Nickel: Most excited about? Tom Moore, hands down. He can help improve the offensive line, he has plenty of coaching experience and, like Arians, he will help the quarterbacks as well. In terms of least excited, I would say Todd Bowles. It's not that I don't want him here, but he has never proven to me that he is worthy of a defensive coordinator job. Granted, he did take over for an already struggling Eagles defense midway through the season last year, but 32 ppg allowed is atrocious.

Randy Fields: I'm most excited about his moves to bring in great names for Asst HC, OC, and DC. Though the last one pains me. I'm very, very surprised that as a HC Arians was willing to so quickly part ways with the DC and his staff who turned AZ into a fearsome defense. I'm sure some money could have been sent Horton's way and appeased any hurt feelings, as well as making it that much easier to return AZ to being a contender. Now we'll have to see. It took AZ so long to find a DC who could really do something with the players the Cardinals have on Defense, and now they shuffle him out the door that quickly. Ouch. Hope the new DC works out, the Eagles Defense was decent ranking close to the Cardinals in many categories, but points allowed AZ 357 to PHI 444. That's a big difference.

Alex Mann: Most excited... Certainly Tom Moore. We have a QB guru, as is Arians. I'm least excited about Todd Bowles. I'm willing to give him a chance with the defensive talent already here. It's as good, if not better than Philly's, but there i a lot less ego here and more team.

Jess Root: I am very excited about the multiple offensive line coaches, combined with the fact that Harold Goodwin has a background as an O-line coach. I am optimistic about Todd Bowles, as well. The only thing that I lament is the departure of Horton. Well, that and Kevin Spencer.

3) Do you see Arians drafting his own QB to bring up?

Tyler Nickel: Eventually, yes. Whether that is this year or the next, it is going to happen. Every head coach likes to bring in their own personnel and drafting a quarterback is part of that process (unless an elite one is already in place). Will it be a first round pick or a late rounder that Arians has an eye for? I don't know. But one will be added.

Randy Fields:
I do see Arians drafting his own QB. With the new rookie salary caps we've entered the era of taking risks on young guys, and taking two while you're at it. You can take a rookie QB at #7, and #71. Finding a "proven" veteran QB has proven expensive and not really worth it. Clean house, build your own, and run them until they break, then run the next guy in line. Mobile dual-threat QBs will have boom then break careers leaving their mark first on rushing and passing yardage totals, and then on the turf as trainers rush to bandage their knees or shattered ribs. It depends on his attitude, but he could take two to develop the pocket passer he wants, but also the mobile or risky back up to groom as well.

Alex Mann:
I do. I can see us trading this years 7th and maybe next years first rounder plus a player (this is all in my head so it probably won't happen.) for both Eric Fisher and Ryan Nassib in the first round. (Take theRams picks) If this doesn't happen I see us getting Landry Jones, Ryan Nassib, or Mike Glennon in the second round.

Jess Root:
I think that this is a no-brainer. It might not be the first round, but Arians will want to develop his own, and Steve Keim believes in adding a QB every year.