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Arizona Cardinals have special teams coach, two other defensive coaches added

Bruce Arians' coaching staff is not complete, but it is taking shape.


The Arizona Cardinals continue to have names come out connected to their coaching staff under new head coach Bruce Arians. Arians made public the fact that a common thread in his hired will have either played or coached for him in the past. Three more names have come up and two of them do have Arians connections.

According to a tweet from Mike Jurecki, the team has found their replacement for Kevin Spencer as special teams coach. Jurecki tweeted that Amos Jones, formerly coaching for the Pittsburgh Steelers, would take that position.

On the defensive side of the ball, there are two new guys to join new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Reportedly, Mike Caldwell is going to be the team's linebackers coach. Caldwell played for the Cardinals back in the day, but is not connected to Arians. How connection is with Todd Bowles. Caldwell was the linebackers coach for the Eagles with Bowled there. He will reportedly do the same job with Arizona.

As a defensive line coach, the Cards have added Brentson Buckner. Buckner worked on the Steelers staff as an intern on the defensive side of the ball. This is his first permamnent NFL coaching job. You will like his focus

"It's known as a passing league and everyone wants to throw the ball, consequently guys want to get to the quarterback," Buckner said. "But it's still a running football league. If you can't stop the ball, you're going to lose the majority of your games.

"We're going to dictate how the game will go. When we touch the field, our main goal will be to stop the run. Then we're going to pin our ears back and go eat."

In an interview on the radio, Darnell Dockett mentioned having two defensive line coaches. If this is to be true, there will be someone else on his way as well.

So far, of the guys that have been connected to the new coaching staff, only Caldwell and reportedly receivers coach Darryl Drake do not have a direct connection to Arians originally.

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