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Senior Bowl 2013 open thread

Talk about the draft prospects that will be playing in the last college football game of the season.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

We get two days of football this week. There is the Senior Bowl today and the Pro Bowl tomorrow. Well, this is the open thread to discuss the players and the play in the Senior Bowl.

Who all would you like the Cardinals to draft?

Who is impressing you today? Who's stick is falling?

How about this? This is what SB Nation's Dan Kadar believes are the Senior Bowl's top 10 players

1. Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan (North)
2. Ezekiel Ansah, DE, BYU (South)
3. Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma (South)
4. Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers (North)
5. Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State (North)
6. Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas (South)
7. Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford (South)
8. Mike Glennon, QB, North Carolina State (North)
9. John Jenkins, DT, Georgia (South)
10. Margus Hunt, DE, SMU (North)

Do you agree? Disagree?

Talk about it!

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