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1/27 Arizona Cardinals news: Pro Bowl Sunday, Alex Smith

Some links to start your Sunday to catch up with the Cardinals and the NFL.

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There has not been much in the way of news with the Cardinals, but the Pro Bowl is today. Dan Bickley writes about Darnell Dockett and Arizona happens to be a possible destination for Alex Smith.


Arizona Cardinals star Darnell Dockett giddy over new coach, role in middle of defense
Darnell Dockett is the rare exception. The Cardinals’ defensive tackle is traveling to New Orleans just to meet with new head coach Bruce Arians.

Five trade fits for San Francisco 49ers' Alex Smith - NFL - ESPN
Chris Sprow takes a look at the teams that could be in the mix to land San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith this offseason.


Super Bowl 2013: When Joe Flacco went to Mobile -
Joe Flacco impressed during his week of practices in 2008 and was called "the most physically gifted passer" in attendance at the annual college all-star game.

Michael Crabtree won't be charged in sexual assault case -
After being questioned following sexual assault allegations, Michael Crabtree will not be charged.

Super Bowl 2013: Colin Kaepernick's NFL journey started at the Senior Bowl -
Just a couple of years ago, Colin Kaepernick was making quite an impression in the 2011 Senior Bowl. Now he's set to start in Super Bowl XLVII for the 49ers in just his second year in the league.

Super Bowl 2013: How does the 49er offense matchup against the Raven defense? -
Colin Kaepernick has led a high-powered 49er offense during the playoffs, but how does San Francisco matchup against Baltimore's defense?

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