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Daryl Washington talks from the Pro Bowl about his experience and coaching changes

He talked to XTRA 910 about his first trip to Hawaii as one of the league's best, as well as about changes in the Cardinals defense.

We have had a few interesting interviews recently. Ray Horton and Darnell Dockett both made for some intriguing listens. This interview that was on XTRA 910 on the Bickley and MJ show is a bit tamer. They had linebacker Daryl Washington on the line and you get to find out just how important that Pro Bowl berth and game are to young player such as he is.

You get a little insight into his personality. He declared that he was sort of "the loner" as he had not yet been able to really spend any time with teammates Patrick Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald, who are also Pro Bowlers.

You also get the impression about how disappointed he is that the team is losing Ray Horton, but is optimistic about new staff.

Give it a listen in the player under the headline. If for some reason that doesn't work, use this link. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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