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Former Cardinals special teams coach Kevin Spencer discusses time with Cards, move to San Diego

After Bruce Arians was hired as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, he decided to part ways with longtime special teams coach, Kevin Spencer. Listen to how Spencer feels about leaving the Cardinals and his expectations after taking the job with the Chargers.

Dilip Vishwanat

With the entering of a new coaching regime came the exit of some personnel that are going to be missed on this Arizona Cardinals football team. One of those guys is special teams coach, Kevin Spencer, who did his last radio interview with Arizona Sports 620 before he heads off to San Diego.

Spencer said that he honestly didn't really know whether or not he was going to stay on board or be relieved of his duties with the Cardinals. "Part of me allowed myself to believe that I could stay because I've got a little history with Bruce (Arians). We were on the staff with Indianapolis and obviously we were on the staff with the Steelers... There was a part of me hoping and thinking that I could stay."

With all of the talk about how Ken Whisenhunt and Bruce Arians and how they might be similar, Spencer decided to put that thought to rest right away. "I think he has a different style," Spencer said of Arians compared to Whiz. "He's very robust and enthusiastic and quick witted. I think he's emotional, I think he wears his emotions on his sleeve. The guy has probably forgotten more football than most guys know.

"I'm sure there were times where he thought of retiring or 'I'm never going to get a shot'. I'm happy for him because he's gone the long haul. He's not one of these flash in the pan guys that puts together a couple of runs and now all of a sudden, everyone thinks he's a gosh darn genius and ought to be a head coach. This guy has truly paid his dues and deserves the opportunity to be one of 32 guys in the NFL."

Spencer said that he was blessed having Dave Zastudil, Jay Feely and Mike Leach to work with, as those were the guys that he never had to worry about and spent a lot of time with. He will miss those three guys the most.

Spencer always proved that he could put together a more than decent special teams unit during his time here in the Valley. We never heard much about him because he was always behind the scenes doing the little things we don't see. In my opinion, that's a good thing.

Hopefully the Cardinals' new special teams coach, Amos Jones, can be as professional and talented as Spencer was.

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