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Mike Sando on Ray Horton: 'That interview didn't help him become a head coach'

The ESPN NFC West blogger joined local radio waves and reacts to the recent Ray Horton interview and the hiring of Bruce Arians.

When Ray Horton was on the radio last week, on both local sports stations, he got a lot of our Arizona Cardinals fans talking here on this site about why perhaps he did not get the head coaching job that eventually went to Bruce Arians. Some think that he reacted in a fashion that would not lend itself to the head coaching position.

If you did, you are not the only one. ESPN NFC West blogger Mike Sando was on XTRA 910's Bickley and MJ show on Friday and talked about it. His first reaction was, "that interview didn't help him become a head coach." He commented how Horton sounds like a lot of assistants, rather than the way most head coaches need to, having a more even keel.

Sando and the hosts also discussed the hiring of Bruce Arians and the transition to Todd Bowles on defense, particularly with the possible change to a 4-3 or a hybrid defense.

Sando believes that the "hybrid" look or the defense that kind of goes both ways between a 3-4 and a 4-3 set can be successful. He cited the Seattle Seahawks, who, as Sando noted, "play a 4-3 with 3-4 principles."

To listen to the full interview, use the embedded player above, or click here for the direct link to download and listen to the file.

Talk about it. Is Sando right? Do you agree? Is Ray Horton's demeanor a problem and could it be part of the reason why he was not hired here or in other places, despite the possibility of bringing Norv Turner and Mike Tice to help with the offense?

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