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Tom Brady to the Arizona Cardinals? A Boston writer thinks it is a great idea

With the Patriots' lack of Super Bowl success since 2004, one writer makes the case for trading Tom Brady to the Arizona Cardinals.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals need a quarterback. A guy like Tom Brady would be heaven sent, right? Well, if one Massachusetts writer has his way, the future Hall of Famer would be joining Larry Fitzgerald. And he was actually being serious.

First and foremost, the Cardinals can't hurt you. In the NFC West, Brady is as far away as possible. Unless he plays another five years - highly unlikely - the only place you'll encounter Brady again on the field of battle is at a Super Bowl.

The Cardinals have the ammunition to attract the Patriots to the negotiating table. Remember, they pick at No. 7, an attractive spot for this draft, which has already been fortified by over 70 underclassmen.

Arizona also has incredible need. Most draftniks currently have the Cards dabbling with the likes of USC QB Matt Barkley or West Virginia's Geno Smith in the first round.

Why take a shot and fail again, a la Matt Leinart? This franchise can have its own new face in a matter days, one that is proven and currently stands at the forefront of the game.

He thinks that the Cardinals could be amenable to trading their entire draft for Brady. Certainly, with the number seven pick, it is a desirable spot in the draft. New England does not have and late-round picks this April.

Clearly, this is something that would never, ever happen. Nobody trades away a franchise quarterback without someone already in place to take over. The Green Bay Packers did it to Brett Favre, but they had Aaron Rodgers in the wings. The 49ers did it with Joe Montana, but with Steve Young ready. The Pats don't have one of those guys ready. They have Ryan Mallett, but he doesn't exactly look ready to be one of those guys.

Tom Brady is 35 years old. But as we know, quarterbacks like Brady can and will perform at high levels up to and beyond age 38.

If the Patriots somehow put Brady on the market, would you make that trade for 3-5 years of one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game, even if it took almost all this year's picks -- a Herschel Walker type deal?

I know this is ridiculous, but I would do it two heartbeats.

And now that I have written this, I have to go roll on the floor laughing that someone would actually suggest it. He actually wrote that New England should just go get Matt Cassell back and roll with him. Funny.

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