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Kerry Rhodes on Ray Horton, Darnell Dockett, Adrian Wilson, contract extension, Twitter

The Cardinals safety was a guest on a local sports TV show and gave his perspective on the changes the team has undergone this offseason.

Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes is back from his offseason vacations, spending time in the Bahamas and other places, where he spent time with Michael Phelps. He was a guest with Tim Ring on Channel 3's The Sports Show and talked about a whole lot of topics.

Watch the video and give your thoughts.

Some notes:

Regarding Ray Horton, Rhodes said that it was tough to see him go, calling him "his right-hand man," and saying that he went to Horton for a lot of things.

Regarding new defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, he doesn't know anything.

Regarding a 4-3 defense, he said that it doesn't really affect the secondary.

Regarding Darnell Dockett and the end of season situation, he said, "You don't have to get along with everyone." He also said that the whole thing is "water under the bridge." You get the impression that Dockett is not his buddy, not that it matters. But it is revealing in that sense.

Regarding a possible contract extension, he said that "there is nothing to report."

Rhodes, if you have been following his Twitter feed, has been making the media rounds. he appeared on another show locally and is talking on SiriusXM radio and also on one of the ESPN shows.

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