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Ray Horton's interview 'went well' with Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday

He is set to talk again on Thursday.

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Thearon W. Henderson

Despite all the rumors saying that the Arizona Cardinals had all but signed Andy Reid to a contract, it was defensive coordinator Ray Horton who had the first interview with the front office for the head coaching vacancy.

How did it go? He told reporters this, as noted on AZCentral. (read the whole thing -- you will be won over)

"I think it went well. We covered everything from personnel to physical structure of the building to expansion of the building, expansion of the roster, how to change things going forward, how to self-evaluate the coaching, the process and him. He asked me my impressions of how he could be a better owner. We discussed about every topic you could - draft structure, how it works, who picks, who does what.

"It was a way to share different ideas of how we'd do things different from our point looking at them; their point looking at me and moving forward looking at what we could do.

"In a nutshell, just the passion that I have for this job. I love this place, the community is fantastic. When I go out in the community the fans are fantastic - and just building a winner. Everybody that talked, talked about taking ideas from different places because people have different backgrounds."

Horton is certain he is going to get a job. Darren Urban quoted him saying this on the team's official site (again, read the whole thing -- Horton gives you the feeling that he is going to be a championship coach),

"The other owners, they have to make the decision that is best for their team," Horton said. "But I feel very confident. I think I interview well, I'm knowledgeable, I can put together a great team. I am very optimistic. If you're not, you're probably not an NFL coach."

He interviewed on Tuesday with the Browns and again Wednesday night with the Bills.

Horton said that he would not run the defense, that he would delegate. His DC would run a 3-4, run same schemes and same terminology, but as head coach he would be hands-on, but let the DC run things.

He spoke of preparation and changes -- he seems to have everything...everything already thought out.

Now, I remember seeing a tweet that said he had a second interview or another meeting with Arizona set for Thursday, but I couldn't find it.

Horton, just from what I have seen and heard from him, seems like he will make a fantastic coach, but I will also say that I think everyone also said that about Mike Singletary. So I definitely could be wrong.

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