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Ray Horton: 'We can win with Kevin Kolb'

It sounds like Horton would start with two of the quarterbacks the Cardinals have on their roster

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Ray Horton spoke with reporters on Wednesday after he met with Michael Bidwill, Steve Keim and Jason Licht about the head coaching vacancy the team has. One thing that became evident is that he feels confident with quarterback the Cardinals have on their roster, particularly the oft-injured Kevin Kolb.

Team president Michael Bidwill said on Monday that he hasn't given up on Kolb. Horton has the same confidence, as noted on AZcentral's transcript of the interview.

When you're 4-0 with Kevin - Kevin went through a lot of issues with being the starter, not being the starter, being the guy, not being the guy," said Horton. "We were 4-0 with Kevin and we can win with Kevin and we did win with Kevin. He's got the tools. We talked about a model of just giving him the backing going forward."

If he were to take over as coach, it sounds like Kolb would be the unquestioned starter. The tidbit about the "backing going forward" is telling. It sounds like he would back him until it doesn't make sense to back him.

Horton also seemed like Brian Hoyer would be the other quarterback he was impressed with. "We also talked about how Brian Hoyer came off the street and did an excellent job of taking command of the team," he said.

He did not mention John Skelton or Ryan Lindley.

Skelton, in my eyes, is going to be the odd man out if Horton is hired. Ryan Lindley, being that he finished his rookie campaign, will likely be back for training camp, but it certainly is no sure thing he makes the roster, especially if the team drafts a quarterback as well.

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