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Super Bowl recipes: What food do you have planned for the big game? [open thread]

What do you like to cook for the big game?

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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here which means everyone is making their final preparations as to what they are doing. A lot of you will be holding your own little parties with your own delicious food and drink.

So we here at ROTB want to know, do you have any recipes for the Super Bowl? Is there something special that you cook or create for the big game?

Personally, I am a chicken wing kind of guy. You really can never go wrong with some spicy buffalo sauce. Whether I make them myself in my mini fryer or order them from a local pizzeria, they are always a staple of my Super Bowl Sunday. I've also made ribs in the past.

What about you? What's the go-to food? Tell us in the comments section.

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