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NFL mock draft 2013: The Raiders propose a trade with Cardinals for No. 3 pick

Could the Arizona Cardinals move up to grab a pass rusher or quarterback?


The Arizona Cardinals currently have the seventh pick in the NFL Draft. The Oakland Raiders have the third pick in the draft. Like the Cardinals, Oakland is a mess and needs a a lot of things to improve their team. The Cardinals do, but also have some specific needs they could fill, namely quarterback.

With the Raiders having a ton of needs, they may be amenable to trading down, while the Cardinals, should they target a player they believe will not be available at number seven, could look to move up.

SB Nation's Raider blog, Silver and Black Pride, proposes a draft day trade that perhaps could land Arizona a franchise QB.

This moves us to the Cardinals at the seventh overall pick. They too have a major need for a rush linebacker. Any of Jarvis Jones, Bjorn Werner, or Barkavius Mingo would be nice. They may even have interest in Geno Smith. But even so, there is a very good chance all of them could be gone by the time the Cardinals pick at seven. And if they have their heart set on one in particular, the Raiders would be their best chance to get their guy.

To move up to the third overall spot from the seventh spot, the Cardinals would have to send their round two pick (38) as well as their round four pick (100) to make the first round pick swap.

The thought of perhaps Geno Smith is intriguing. He probably would not make it to number seven, but if you could nab him at three, would you? Sure, it would cost a couple of later picks, but it could fix the team's QB position.

At the same time, the Cardinals do need more talent overall on the roster, so trading away multiple picks just doesn't seem like a wise thing.

What do you think?

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