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ROTB Roundtable: Alex Smith, Pro Bowl, and Super Bowl Picks

It's Superbowl Week!


And with the biggest game in football, comes questions. The ROTB Writing Staff answers three trending questions in this week's Roundtable edition.

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1) It has been reported that Alex Smith will ask for a release from the 49ers after the Superbowl. Would you be open to signing/trading for Smith?

Tyler Nickel: Personally, I'm not wild about Alex Smith. Why sign someone that is so similar to Kolb? Also, what happens when Harbaugh isn't there to nurse him? Will he revert back to awful Alex Smith? Big risk.

Alex Mann:
I'm open to it. I really think he can be a good player in the NFL given the right toolset. Arians system is a QB's dream and if you look back to Cleveland in 2002, he took a Tim Couch lead offense to the Playoffs and posted solid numbers along the way. The difference between Kolb and Smith is their durability. There is a concern because of Smiths concussion this year, but he's a moderate risk with high reward.

Jess Root:
I am fine with signing Smith, but not with trading for him. I don't want the team to part with draft picks unless they view the player they are acquiring as a long-term answer at quarterback.

2) With the Pro Bowl come and gone, many have demanded that the competition be dropped, due to the lack of effort from the players. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the Pro Bowl? (Or do you just think the NFL should rid themselves of the game altogether?

Tyler Nickel:
I still think the NFL should either bump the game until after the Super Bowl or get rid of it. I never find it overly entertaining.

Alex Mann:
I thought the effort was there this year. The players fought and did well in the process. The only thing that didn't seem there was a lot of effort was on Special Teams, but due to the high risk of being injured I'll give them a pass. However... I'm open to the possibility of turning it into a Skills Competition. Top 10 Players from each position all go and compete to be crowned "Best Player at this Position".

Jess Root:
I wrote about this on Sunday, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the game. It is a fun game that isn't serious. I don't watch it expecting bone crushing hits. I like high scoring battles with star QBs throwing to star receivers.

3) Who do you have winning Superbowl 47 this weekend?

Tyler Nickel:
The Ravens. Flacco will be able to beat the 49ers with the deep ball.

Alex Mann:
Ravens. I think their defense wants it more, and you have the old timer Ray Lewis going to shut the the Read Option forcing Kaepernick to throw on them.

Jess Root:
I like the Ravens. They have taken down Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Colin Kaepernick isn't quite the quarterback they are. Plus, a young quarterback in the Super Bowl usually encounters nerves. I expect a memorable game from Ray Lewis and his teammates in his final game (this time we know it is for sure). It will be close, but the Ravens will come away as champs.