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Super Bowl 2013: Some memories from past championships

Looking back at some of the moments I remember most from Super bowls past

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As an Arizona Cardinals fan, my fan experience with the Super Bowl has always been most without rooting interests. The first Super Bowl I remember was when the Cincinnati Bengals were in it, playing the San Francisco 49ers.

Clearly, as a Cardinals fan, my greatest Super Bowl memories come from when the Cards made it to the big game. The Larry Fitzgerald touchdown to take the lead was the most amazing thing ever. Conversely, the James Harrison interception and the Santonio Holmes "catch" are on the opposite end of the spectrum.

But those are obvious memorable moments. I have some other moments that stick out, including one that doesn't have anything to do with the actual game.

That moment was in 1996 when the Super Bowl was to be played at Sun Devil Stadium. It was the Steelers and the Cowboys, a truly awful matchup for me. I hate both teams. However, since I was a freshman at ASU that year, classes were cancelled the Friday before the game. Three day weekend!

Some other memories:

1989, 49ers and Bengals: Tim Krumrie has his leg snap grotesquely. I had never heard of him before, but to this day I remember his name.

1991, Bills/Giants: Scott Norwood! And I taped that game to watch because I was at church during the actual game.

1995, Chargers/49ers: I remember Billy Joe Tolliver and wondering how the Chargers made it. At the time I liked the 49ers, so I was thrilled that Steve Young got his ring.

2000: Because of getting together with my family and they didn't watch TV on Sundays, we turned this on when we got home during the fourth quarter. Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce for the score late in the game, and then the Titans driving down the field only to fall one yard short, literally.

2007: It was when I started having some of my family over at my place to watch the game. Peyton Manning got his ring! (I am...was...a Peyton Manning fan, that is until he spurned my Cardinals.)

2008: The Giants made me look smart and my brother-in-law squirmed uncomfortably during the game after having lived in Boston for two years. The catch by David Tyree? Amazing.

2010: This game was what got me writing. The loss by the Colts prompted me to start doing what I had thought about doing a lot -- write online about sports. I wrote how Manning failed in that last drive to immortalize himself.

Those are my biggest Super Bowl memories. What are yours, assuming you will go beyond the year the Cards made it.

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