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Arizona Cardinals steal lead assistant from Rams, add her to their front office

The Cardinals made Debbie Pollom their executive assistant on Wednesday.


Last offseason it was the Rams trying to steal Steve Keim from the Cardinals to become their new general manager. While it didn't happen, this offseason, the Cardinals are striking back.

The Cards have decided to bring in a bit more female touch to their front office, adding Debbie Pollom, a member of the Rams organization since 1992, to their group. Pollom, as she states, goes back a long way with Steve Keim and will be the new executive assistant with the Cards.

Pollom will, as the STL Today article states, be doing many different things here in the desert. She will help Keim directly with scouting players and she will be coordinating efforts for that process.

It's nice to see the Cardinals reaching across the aisle to bring in and promote more women within the league. The NFL has done a great job in ensuring that they are not only hired, but can reach plateaus that were once reserved for men.

With her experience, Pollom should be a great addition to this rapidly evolving Cardinals organization.

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