How good is Kaepernick?

John Elway,Randall Cunningham,Roger Stauback,Joe Montana. Just a few mobile QB's who could definitely hurt you with their arm. These are just a few that comes to mind when I think of Kaepernick. I know this is a Cardinal site. And Kolb being our guy is probably going to be our number one issue for success going forward. But this development has been under stated IMO.. Luck,RG3,Wilson have nothing on this kid. And I love Luck personally. For this kid to be doing this under pressure and on this level is down right scary! I don't believe I have seen a guy quite like this. Elway was a stud too! But he couldn't single handedly have 181 YD rushing games. Is this just a good/lucky run? The League had better hope so! Just from the eye test? This kid has some scary abilities that defy his experience. And that includes his mental game. Sure he has a good Coach managing him. But this kid is in the SB already? On a shortened pressure filled Season? Down big on the road and no problem. If his ceiling is not close to being reached? Then Houston we have a problem! He is not like the other running QB's I have seen. He avoids hits and scoots out of bounds when warranted. This kid will beat you in the pocket too! Hugh? This might be the guy that every body thought RG3 would be. And then some! He's bigger,more accurate,bigger arm,and has that "IT" factor that his team responds to. Which is probably the most important factor. Are we wittnessing the ascendance of a truly no name QB ala Brady? What heights can this kid reach? We had better hope this is just an anomaly. Because if it's not and he wins the SB? How confident and scary will this kid be for our division? THIS KID IS SCARY GOOD. And I don't usually respond that way to rookies. Welcome to the Kaepernick Nightmare! Damn Harbaugh! Why??? Why???

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