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Arizona Cardinals coaching search: Say no to Todd Haley

Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic is reporting that the Arizona Cardinals plan on bringing in their former offensive coordinator Todd Haley for an interview.

Scott Boehm

With Andy Reid now out of the picture after taking a job with the Chiefs, the Arizona Cardinals suddenly find themselves in a situation where they are looking for more candidates to interview for their head coaching position. Ray Horton (my favorite candidate from the start) has already received two interviews and Mike McCoy, the offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos, will be in town this weekend.

Since two candidates really isn't enough if Michael Bidwill is truly trying to do his due diligence, it seems that the dark horse candidate we have all been waiting for has finally come up. Check this tweet from Kent Somers.

I will go ahead and say it right now: I do not want Todd Haley as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. While he has a great offensive mind and could help repair this offense, I do not like the character he brings with him. Every player ever interviewed about Haley speaks of how abrasive he is. He is not a player's coach like Ken Whisenhunt was or Ray Horton would be.

I would prefer to bring in a coach that treats the players like men and one that simply does not get his point across by yelling and putting others down. He was fired by the Chiefs not only for losing a lot of football games, but for the reasons above as well.

So while the Cardinals can interview him all they want, I would prefer he is not hired. There are better candidates and he just does not fit the bill.

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