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Wild Card weekend playoff open thread: Bengals at Texans

It is the first game of the postseason. Talk about it!

John Grieshop

The playoffs are here! Unfortunately, the Cardinals are not in them. They begin with the Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans, which happens to be a rematch of the wild card matchup from a year ago. J.J. Watt more or less made himself known to the world, Arian Foster played big and the league was introduced to T.J. Yates.

This time, Matt Schaub is healthy so he gets to make his first playoff start. He and Houston are sort of struggling after setting the league on fire. But they are at home.

For those of us that root for local guys, the Bengals have rookie Vontaze Burfict, the former Sun Devil. He led the team in tackles after being undrafted, despite being a projected first rounder earlier.

Who will win? I think it will be the home team. But the Bengals are becoming a popular underdog pick, even to make it all the way because of the way they have been playing leading up to the postseason.

Talk about it!

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