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Brian Hoyer makes Top 32 QB list

Ron Jaworski compares his preseason list with how the QBs turned out in 2012.


Just how bad was the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback situation? We know how bad it was. It is how our different players started at the position this season. At the start of the season, ESPN's Ron Jaworski gave a list ranking the quarterbacks in the lead. Toid start the season, Kevin Kolb was ranked 25th.

However, with his rib injury, he didn't end up on the list to end the season. Neither did John Skelton or Ryan Lindley.

However, Brian Hoyer with his one career start, did. Jaws put him at the bottom of the list, but it is one the list.

Wrote Jaworski:

32. Brian Hoyer

Hoyer ended the season as the starter in Arizona, but will he start there in 2013? I liked him in New England and if he's not Arizona's starter, I think he has already shown that he's a capable backup with the Patriots. Hoyer is a team-oriented guy, throws well enough, and if you can be a gym rat on a football field, he is one. I think the Cardinals might have something here.

He is really high on Hoyer. I would not be surprised to see him back in 2013. Hopefully, then the Cards have some one at least average in the list.

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