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Arizona Cardinals coaching/GM search: Michael Bidwill looking for a football guy

The team president is more concerned about talent on the field than about cap manipulation.


According to a Darren Urban blog post on the team site, there is going to be a Cardinals Flight Plan on Saturday night, the last episode of the season. In it, team president Michael Bidwill will discuss the coaching and GM search. Urban revealed a little bit of what Bidwill said.

In terms of a general manager, "I want a strong football person," Bidwill said. "Not necessarily the best cap guy or the best football operations guy. I want a strong football person. At the end of the day I want to make sure we have the best personnel department, the best scouting department, that we can have."

This would explain why Steve Keim is a candidate, as well as Morocco Brown, as both of them work in player development.

This is also a very good sign, as what fans care about most is the football product. Most don't care about the salary cap or business administration, so long as it translates into better football.

And in the end, the product on the field is what matter most.

It is nice to see Bidwill looking in that direction, and something else that was noted was the fact that he wants to add more positions under the general manager dealing with personnel. He putting his money where his mouth is.

Think these are the same old Cardinals? I don't think this applies anymore.

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