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Arizona Cardinals coaching search: More candidates coming soon

Michael Bidwill and the team have only made public two candidates each for the head coach and general manager positions, but there are others out there.


On Saturday Night, the Arizona Cardinals aired the final episode of the season of Flight Plan, the TV show they air each week during the season. Former head coach Ken Whisenhunt was the regular guest with host Ron Wolfley, but this final one had team president Michael Bidwill.

Bidwill talked about the types of candidates he is looking for for both the team's vacant head coach and general manager positions.

We already knew that he is looking for a "strong football person" to work as GM. What about the head coach?

There were three words he used that must be the theme of the search -- leadership, accountability and performance.

He also made it clear that he wants a quick turnaround, much like Jim Harbaugh led the 49ers to do and Pete Carroll in Seattle. Even Jeff Fisher was able to do that to some extent with the Rams. He also wants it to be sustainable.

Perhaps the biggest thing to have gotten out of this interview was what he said and didn't say about candidates.

He revealed nothing new about the GM candidates, just that Steve Keim and Morocco Brown are being considered.

For head coach, Bidwill said that Ray Horton and Mike McCoy are the only candidates he is willing to make public so far. He said nothing about Todd Haley.

However, he did add that there are other candidates that he will make known in the next few days. Who are those candidates? One would suppose that Todd Haley will be revealed. But it could also be people on teams that are in the playoffs and not on a bye.

Feel free to start the speculation...

The one thing to note is that I don't know when the show was recorded.

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