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NFL playoffs open thread: Colts/Ravens

The early Sunday game has a few storylines. Talk about them.

Al Bello

The Indianapolid Colts and the Baltimore Ravens duke it out in the Sunday early playoff game. This should be an emotional game for all involved.

The fans in Baltimore will remember that the Colts originally were their city's team. They still hate how that happened.

Ray Lewis will play his final NFL home game. He and his teammates will be fired up for him.

The Colts have Chuck Pagano on the sideline after battling leukemia for most of the season. More emotion.

Joe Flacco is the only non-rookie QB starting today. Will he win yet another playoff game?

Andrew Luck is a rookie. He took a two-win team and turned it into an playoff team. Can he have playoff success?

Talk about the game.

You know the rules. Be civil, don't ask or share illegal streams to watch the games.

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