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Arizona Cardinals coaching search: Mike McCoy has 'plenty of questions to ask'

The Denver OC has a different demeanor and outlook on his candidacy for a head coaching job.

Justin Edmonds

Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was to interview with the Arizona Cardinals about the head coaching opening there on Saturday. Nothing has come out yet in the way of reports about how it went, but McCoy did have a Q&A with Chicago writer Brad Biggs, as McCoy is also a candidate for the head coaching job with the Bears.

He responds much differently than Ray Horton did, and it almost seemed like he was not certain he was going to get a job as a head coach yet. However, part of that is probably because he is still hard at work preparing for the Broncos' playoff game next weekend after they have their bye.

McCoy said "it's an honor" to be considered, noting that "coaches are products" of what the players do on the field.

The one thing that is different with him than with Horton is this answer. When asked if it is his goal to be a head coach, he said this:

"Everyone has individual goals as a coach, as a player, but it is team first. We still have a lot left here. Hopefully, one day I will become a head coach. There is still a lot of football left here and we'll see what happens down the road."

Horton was very open about the fact that he wants to be a head coach. But he is not still coaching right now. McCoy is. He's worried about the Broncos right now, which makes it hard to focus on a job interview.

McCoy does not know how much he has been preparing, but much of it came before. Right now is all business about his current job. "I can't put an hour on it," he said. "I have done plenty of research in the past, in the offseason, kind of putting my plan together over a number of years. I have been doing it a long time now so I kind of have an idea of the questions and things I want to get answered."

He is not going to just jump at the first job he can get. "If you're going into a new situation, you've got to make sure it's the right one," he explained. "It's not about just taking any job. That's not my goal. You've got to make sure when you make the next step with any job you take that it's the right one. I've got plenty of questions to ask. We'll just keep going on here and see what happens."

This wasn't a video I could watch, but rather a transcription, but it seems that McCoy is less intense about his desire to be a head coach. Again, he clearly wants to be one, as he has prepared for a long time for this. But he is more concerned about getting the right fit for him than he is about landing that job.

You also get the sense that winning matters more than his job, which is actually kind of appealing to a fan. Even in the midst of furthering his career, he is still dead set about doing his job to put the Denver in the best position win their playoff game next week.

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