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Could Ray Horton get shut out of a head coaching job?

What looked like a sure thing is now becoming a little bit in doubt.

Thearon W. Henderson

When this offseason started with seven coaches getting let go, it seemed like it was the perfect time for Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator to land a head coaching job. After all, the background was there. He was a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers dominating defenses. He turned around an Arizona defensive unit and made it one of the more formidable units. He turned heads with his interview with the St. Louis Rams. He had interest from several teams.

The Cardinals, the Bills and the Browns all talked to him.

Fans feared he would leave Arizona.

That might not be the case now.

Buffalo hired Doug Marrone. The Cardinals are still in the process. The Browns interviewed him, but there hasn't been much chatter about whether they remain interested.

What does this mean? We know that Horton is impressive to listen to and he has a plan, but he is inexperienced, although that doesn't mean he isn't ready.

Where things stand now really aren't any different than before. The perception is different. Many people feared that the Cards were certain to lose Horton to another job, and with that fear came the belief that the team had to promote him or risk losing his defensive mind as well.

Now there is at least the feeling that he might be back as defensive coordinator even if he doesn't land the Cardinals job. Of course, the downside to that is that we go through the 'maybe we will lose him' next offseason as well.

However, this is actually good. It doesn't make sense for the Cardinals to make a quick decision out of fear. If Horton is really the best candidate for the job, they will want to know for sure.

As for the possibility of losing him to another job, it makes much more sense to hire the better head coach.

Now, he may still get the Browns job. He might get interviews elsewhere, although it is not likely. He may still land the Cards job.

However, what seemed impossible just a week ago now seems a possibility. He might not land any head coaching gig and return to man the defense here again.

That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing at all.