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Arizona Cardinals do not participate in 2012 statistical oddities

There were a lot of cool things we saw in 2012 in the NFL.

There were a lot of great offensive numbers in the NFL this season. The Arizona Cardinals did not. SB Nation's Brad Newburg gives us some great numbers, like Calvin Johnson's record season. Take a look at the video.

Focus on the offensive numbers. The Cardinals didn't help the league averaged a near record 45.5 total points scored per game. The Cards brought down that average a bit, as their games averaged only 37.9 total points. For perspective, there were 607 points scored in Cardinals games -- the total of theirs and their opponents. The New England Patriots alone scored 557 points. And that was including a mere 18 scored against the Cards.

The one area in which the Cards did seem to help were the 139 "miscellaneous" touchdowns scored on returns. They allowed five interception returns for touchdowns. They returned two of their own. They returned a fumble for a touchdown. They returned a blocked field goal for a touchdown. Opponents had three other touchdown returns. 12 of the 139 came in Cardinals games.

As well as points, yards came in bunches -- almost 700 net yards per game. Not Cardinals games. They only had net 600 yards per game total (both teams). The league averaged almost 463 net passing yards per game total, while due to the terrible nature of their own offense and the effectiveness against the pass defensively, Cardinals games only averaged about 388 passing yards. The Cards' ineptness came at a time when there were more points and more yards.

Here is a kicker about the quarterbacks. 20 teams had the same starter for all 16 games. The Cards started four guys. Part was injury and part was crappiness.

Amazing. Watch the whole video. There are some eye-popping numbers.

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