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Do Arizona Cardinals have Todd Haley in their 'back pocket'?

Local sports columnist and radio host seems to think so.


The name that seems to persist with the Arizona Cardinals coaching search is Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley, and he has not even interviewed with the Cards. Arizona has asked permission, but Haley has not yet responded.

Some rumors say that he loves Pittsburgh. Some say he is unhappy with Ben Roethlisberger. Then there are the concerns with his personality. Dan Bickley, in this video for AZ Central, believes that Todd Haley remains very much in play for Arizona. He recognizes that "Todd has burned a lot of bridges," but he also knows "the way Larry fitzgerald respects him."

He talks about the cyclical nature of coach personalities. A taskmaster gets fired, a laid back guy replaces him. Ken Whisenhunt was a players coach and had light practices. "I believe Mike Bidwill would really like to have that hard-nosed coach that gets in players' faces," says Bickley.

The kicker? Bickley thinks that Bidwill knows that Haley would come here on a moment's notice.

"I think he likes Todd Haley," says Bickley. "I also think he knows he's got Todd Haley in his back pocket, which is why he is taking so much time with this search. Go and interview as many candidates as you can, and know full well that if they all go elsewhere, he's still got Todd Haley, who would walk here to be head coach."

I actually agree with that notion. Even if that is not what I necessarily want, considering Haley's connection to the Bidwills, and the fact that coordinators just don't pass up head coaching jobs, Haley probably really is in play.

Here is the video. What do you think about Bickley's theory?

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