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Hiring Steve Keim as general manager was the right move for the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals promoted Steve Keim to their general manager, which by all accounts, was a good idea.


The Arizona Cardinals are finally starting to piece the puzzle together. On Tuesday, the team announced that they promoted their former director of player personnel, Steve Keim to the vacant general manager position. Keim has been apart of the organization for 14 years, starting out as a regional scout. He has come a long way to where he is now, but most, including me, believe he is fit for the job ahead.

Anytime someone on your team's staff is being coveted by other organizations around the league, that means they must be doing something right. Keim interviewed with teams such as the Jacksonville Jaguars. He was also drawing interest from the San Diego Chargers, per multiple reports.

Now, some may be thinking that promoting Keim shows signs of the Cardinals being the same old team. Why would they hire a guy that worked directly under former GM Rod Graves and has been in the organization for so long? Isn't he part of the problem?

Keim is well respected and he has a plan. He has been working with Michael Bidwill all offseason in trying to interview head coaches and make other personnel decisions. If we trust Bidwill's decision making -- and we should -- then we should realize that Keim is the right guy simply because Bidwill has discussed how he is going to fix this team with him.

Make no mistake, Keim has already decided what he is going to do with Kevin Kolb, he knows who he wants as his head coach and he knows what he wants the team to look like five years from now. Sure, any GM would have the same plan, but Keim has an advantage to work with in that he has seen in firsthand for over a decade. He knows what they did right during the Super Bowl run and what they have done wrong the past three seasons.

That is why Keim will make a good general manager. And that is why Michael Bidwill did right by the Cardinals organization by hiring him.

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