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Did you want Steve Keim promoted to general manager?

A reader poll on the team's hire


It is official. It was always expected, but now the Arizona Cardinals have their new general manager -- Steve Keim. He has been with the organization 14 years. Now he is in charge. In his introductory press conference, he said some good things.

Now, you get to vote. Was he the right guy? They only interviewed him and Washington's Morocco Brown, and while he is a good candidate to interview, that interview appears to have been simply a token one to comply with the Rooney Rule.

You can look at him as a great hire -- a football guy who has his background in scouting and talent evaluation. He has been with the organization a long time. The team thought highly enough of him that they had him move from the East Coast to Arizona.

You could also say that since he has been with the organization, that is still part of the problem. He was with Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt when decisions were made.

What do you think?