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Todd Haley may or may not be interviewing with Arizona Cardinals

Reports are conflicting, for whatever reason it may be.

Despite an earlier report that says that Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley declined an interview with the Arizona Cardinals for their vacant head coaching job, reports are all over the place, saying one thing or another.'s Ian Rapaport reported that Haley declined the interview. However, locally, Mike Jurecki is hearing different things, tweeting that he heard that Haley was in town to interview for the job.

His agent said there is no interview. Haley has been quoted saying he loves his job in Pittsburgh. The Cardinals refuse to mention anything about Haley at all. However, another local...and probably the most reliable...reporter that follows the Cardinals (Ken Somers) is saying that Haley is interviewing.

Two local sources versus one national source and an agent? Which are we to believe?

Connect the dots. Haley is not at work. He is close to Michael Bidwill and new GM Steve Keim. Two local reporters are saying he is here. Dan Bickley said that the Cards might be keeping Haley "in their back pocket." He owns a home here in the Phoenix area still. He had success here. Larry Fitzgerald speaks very highly of him. Head coaching jobs don't grow on trees.

Of course, he has a good job on a great franchise in Pittsburgh. However, the secrecy is strange. Why would Haley not want it to be known that he would interview with the Cards? Why wouldn't Arizona announce his candidacy? It is all very strange.

What do I think? I respect Somers immensely as well as Jurecki. Put the two together? I think Haley has to be here.

The next step? that would be to see if Jay Gruden's interview still happens tomorrow.

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